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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sort It Out

I've fallen off the wagon. Since Thursday evening I've shut down my menu plan and my weight loss plans. Today I'm back on track.

Wednesday evening I started coming down with a cold. I stayed on course on Thursday with the menu plan and rearranging our bedroom for the new mattress that we purchased which was set to arrive that day (yes, we finally upgraded to a new queen size mattress after 10 years on the same full size bed!). By the end of the day I was completely exhausted and my cold only continued to get worse.

Since Friday I've taken it easy and did the bare minimum. I did awake today feeling better and have gotten back on track with the laundry and general pick up of the house.

So how have my goals progressed this past week? I weighed in this morning and have not lost one single pound. I expected that though, as exercise as been out of the picture and the eating the past two days has been less then stellar. I will start over again this week and hope to see a bit of a difference.

The menu stalled out after a couple days. I did find that on Thursday when still at the beginning of the cold I was able to cook three meals that day on auto-pilot because of the menu plan, which was great. By Friday I had zero energy though so relied on frozen foods and quick meals. Today marks day 3 of the menu. So far we've enjoyed it and the only thing we weren't big fans of was the cornmeal much (Becca and Joe ate it...I ate my bowl but wouldn't have wanted seconds, and Jacob just turned his nose up completely). A reader suggested forming it in a loaf pan until cool, cutting it into slices, and frying in some butter. I'm going to try that next time.

We all enjoy the homemade bread and I love the ease of this...prepare the night before and bake the next day. Right now I have the garlic breadsticks in the oven for a snack for this afternoon - they smell delicious! One thing I would change about the menu is the dried milk...I won't be buying that again. After purchasing it I figured that I only saved about $1 and the kids don't like the taste unless it is mixed with their Ovaltine. I will be purchasing regular milk by the gallon now and will use up the rest of the powder with the bread recipe.

Despite feeling sick the past few days I was able to do some organizing. I managed to get my hubby to go through his dresser and closet with me and get rid of what he no longer wears. He still had a lot of what he wore before we were married - 10 years ago! A lot went into the rag bag and what was still nice went into a bag for Goodwill - we were able to fill one whole garbage bag of his clothes alone! A whole other bag of toys and plastic cups and bowls filled another bag and those were dropped off yesterday by hubby. It feels good to have two whole garbage bags worth of items out of the house this week and I'm already 1/4 through another bag! I'm attempting to work on the playroom today and tomorrow.


  1. try mixing the powdered milk with equal part of regular milk and refrigerate. I would do that especially if making cream soup or cream sauce. But after using the whole box found that the savings was not enough to bother with the powdered milk.

  2. Once you fry the cornmeal mush and make it crispy, it is great with honey or syrup on it. My dad grew up eating it and made us eat it too and that was how most of use prefered it.

  3. It is not the healthiest but some people like to fry their cornmeal mush in bacon grease. I have heard that it makes it taste real good. I myself don't like mush. I would rather have corn bread warm with a little honey on it.


  4. Thanks for the tips, ladies! I'll try them all and let you know how we like them!



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