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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Keepin' It Real

A few weeks ago a reader commented that they would enjoy seeing a real glimpse into my house during the day. As a blog reader, and a blog writer, it is obvious that bloggers often only show the best of themselves. Which can sometimes leave readers feeling as though they are the only one with a messy house, a disorganized closet, days where they just want to stay in bed, anger at their husbands, etc. It's refreshing when a blogger posts something "really real".

I cringe to post the below photo. You all should feel honored because I never let anyone see my house like this! It was the type of day had someone knocked on the door I probably wouldn't have answered it. But it's real and I decided to post it to make you all feel better about your messy houses, because I doubt it's as bad as this! ;)

The photo is not staged. It looks that way, with all the weird random things strewn about. I often ask myself how a room can look like this within a matter of hours. I wonder why there is an army helmet under the table, pencils all over the floor, and all the other odds and ends that add up to one big mess. Mind you, my house doesn't always look like this. But with three small kids there are days where several rooms in the house can end up looking like this by the end of the day.
It was a fairly quick problem to solve. I then worked on the playroom, which was even worse (how is that even possible?! most of you probably think). I wish I had taken a photo of that before and after, but knowing my children it will be messy again by the weekend. Luckily, with one child at her grandparents and a hubby who arrived home early from work after going in early, I was able to really focus on the playroom and got one whole garbage bag of toys ready for donation and half a bag of trash (broken toys, pieces of paper, etc.). I'm really starting to get that less stuff means less stuff to pick up!

So be honest, was this something you've never seen in your home?! Were you surprised or are you used to it yourself in your homes some days?


  1. I loved getting a glimpse into your home! :) Thanks for being brave and sharing a messy picture...though trust me, I've seen homes in FAR worse states. lol Yours was just some kids clutter...quite a difference from actual filth. :) Please do more posts like this. I enjoyed it! Made me not feel so bad about my house on those especially hectic days. Very refreshing to read posts from a down to earth blogger.

  2. Wait where is the messy shot????? Thank you for sharing and yes I have seen much worse!

  3. I understand and it does make me feel better. Not because your house looks any worse than mine, but the fact that I know I'm not only one:)

  4. hahaha! love the pictures Beth! My house often looks like the first one during the day, and the second one when the kiddos are in bed!! Never ending cycle, but that's life with kiddos! And I love it!

  5. My house doesn't look like that during the day... it looks worse! Ha ha!

  6. I am pretty sure your house looks like that because you live there - you and the kids are there all day every day. And you have kids. When we homeschooled I had to always remind myself that there were 5-6 people living at my house all day every day - which means stuff gets messy and out of place.



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