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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two Bags Down

Today marks my journey into becoming a minimalist. No, not the extreme ones who only own 15 things or live out of a suitcase...though that sounds somewhat appealing to me at the moment.

See, with three small kids, homeschooling, and loving all things paper and books we have quite a lot of clutter. I'm okay with small piles here or there or (fairly) organized bins of stuff but my children like to strew things about. So much so that within moments of a room being clean it often times looks like a tornado went through it. I finally realized that enough is enough - the kids (as well as the adults) in this family have so much that we don't appreciate and respect what we own.

Enter minimalism. It is an approach to only surround yourself with what you love, what you can use, and what you really need. There are vast differences when it comes to calling yourself a minimalist, and I may never reach the point that some would consider me one but what I want to get to the point where I am comfortable with our stuff, and to me that is the point of the lifestyle to begin with.

My goal is to clear out one bag of stuff a week, starting June 1st. I got a head start and took two bags to donate yesterday.
I'll tell you more about how I got started later this week but I wanted to ask...won't you join me on this journey? One bag a week, for however long it takes you to get to your happy point. What say you?


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  2. I was home schooled growing up so I know how much stuff you can accumulate schooling at home. In a few years we plan to home school our kids as well so I'm interested to see how this all works out for you :) Sounds like you have a really reasonable goal staked out.

    Random side note... the "Becoming Minimalist" blog you linked up to is written by my youth pastor from my senior year of high school. Small world, eh?

  3. I am with you! I just donated two huge trash bags. It amazes me the stuff that you have that you never really "see." Then whatever it is causes you to go why in the world am I keeping THAT??? Sad isn't it.



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