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Friday, June 10, 2011

Cool Off

Do you know how frustrating it is to try to buy a refrigerator from the hospital?!

When I went to get the kids ice cream from the freezer yesterday it was all melted. As I touched everything in the freezer it was soft and unthawed. I turned the temperature down even more, thinking that the kids had left the door ajar partly (which has happened before) and then completely forgot about it until later that evening, when I found water dripping into the fridge. I opened the freezer door and promptly realized that our freezer was dead...everything was a pile of mush but still slightly cold so I transferred what I could save to the fridge, which was still cold.

Later last night I got nervous about the fridge and had Ben take Jacob's G-CSF medicine down to my parent's house as I did not want to lose $1,200 worth of medication if the fridge went out. Smart move, as this morning when I checked the fridge it was warm and the whole unit was making a very loud, annoying noise. Great...it was 5:30 in the morning and I was heading to the hospital with Jacob and here the fridge is dead!

Since Ben had no idea of what type of fridge I would want he didn't want to go shopping for one alone. I saw that Lowe's had 10% off all appliances and free next day delivery and haul away of your old appliance so I figured I may as well order one from the hospital. It took me over an hour to find one that looked the most appealing to me, only to find out that it would need to be special ordered and wouldn't arrive for two weeks. Another half an hour went by and I located another one that I wanted so placed the order (and who knew that refrigerators are that expensive?!), only to receive a phone call from Ben a bit later saying the store called and said they would deliver it next Friday. I knew it must be a mistake as their site clearly said next day delivery so I called the store and spoke to someone who said that they only deliver to our city once a week. How is that next day delivery, Lowe's?! She offered no other alternative so I canceled my order and called a different Lowe's store about the same distance from the first.

At first I was told that they did have one in stock and it could be delivered on the 23rd. Uh...no! When I told them that we have no fridge they said they could list it as an emergency delivery and after being on hold for awhile was told they could deliver on Sunday. Okay, that's better, but still not next day delivery. I think they need to have a disclaimer on their site saying "Next day delivery...or not."

And my disclaimer is: Never buy a refrigerator from the hospital.

1 comment:

  1. As if you needed one more thing on your plate! How frustrating. However, go mom for getting the job done! =0)



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