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Friday, June 24, 2011

Birthday Boy

6 years old!!!

Jacob had to go to the hospital today to receive chemo (only 4 left now!!) and his platelets were low once again so he needed a transfusion. But afterwards we played hard at Chuck E. Cheese and arrived home to cards from friends, family, and strangers, a bouquet of balloons, and cake!!!

We were blessed 6 years ago by this bundle of joy and have been blessed every day since. We love you bunches, Jacob!


  1. Happy Birthday Jacob!!! You are loved by many and I hope your day was fantastic! How wonderful to celebrate with family and friends, makes each day worth while. Prayers with you all.

  2. Happy Birthday Jacob. These photos make it look like you had a wonderful birthday, which I am sure you did. Fancy 6 years old. You look like such a big boy. I know you mom and dad are so proud of you. So are we, it can't be easy for you having to do all these horrible old hospital visits. Brave boy. HOpe you got some nice presents.

  3. Happy birthday Jacob!

  4. Happy birthday, Jacob! Summer birthdays rock!! (Mine's in July :)

  5. Happy late Birthday Jacob! My birthday was this past week too. Good time for birthdays for sure! Jill N



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