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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Midweek Review

We have all been sluggish the past several days after coming down, one after another, with a summer cold. This one is a doozy, with lots of coughing, but I think it has ended the circle with myself being the last to get it. We have been pretty healthy before this, only catching one other cold this past winter. The lack of germs has been a huge blessing since Jacob is immune suppressed and some years we tend to get cold after cold.

Yesterday Jacob's Hemoglobin and platelets were low again so off to the hospital we went
. He had just had a blood transfusion on Thursday due to low hemoglobin but I assume that his body is working double time not only due to the chemo but also the cold. The transfusion yesterday perked him up and I'm hoping it will stick until after his other round of chemo. Last week's chemo was a milestone - he is now 3/4 the way through treatment!! Only 5 more rounds to go!

This Friday Jacob will be turning 6! He has an out-patient chemo that day (Vincristine) and then we will head to Chuck E. Cheese afterwards to celebrate. Dance Marathon, a charity at the hospital, is hosting a trip to an amusement park on Sunday and we are signed up - so this adventure will be like an extended birthday weekend! I can't believe that my little boy is turning 6 - he has been through so much this year and deserves a very special day (if only it didn't include a clinic visit! EVERY single holiday this year has been spent at the hospital).

We are also getting ready for a visit from the in-laws early next week. We haven't seen them since last November so it's been too long! I will be found getting the house in tip-top shape this week, in between my coughing fits, that is!

I hope that you are enjoying some nice weather today. After days of sticky humid air I awoke to find a cool breeze outside so my windows are now open and the sounds of birds are wafting in the window, along with the sweet smells of summer and some much needed fresh air. It's cloudy and overcast - but at least it's cool!


  1. I hope Jacob has the best 6th birthday ever! No one deserves it more than he does!

  2. Sorry you are sick. Hope you all recover enough for big birthday celebrations and family visiting. Also YEAH for being 3/4 of the way through chemo. Wow that is wonderful. :)\

  3. Glad to hear that Jacob is so close to being done with these treatments! May he stay strong; hope you all enjoy his birthday. Love from Aunt Pat



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