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Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 21: Happy Summer!

Today is the Summer Solstice so I hope that you are all enjoying a summery day. It's humid and looks like it could rain any minute here, which equals summer weather for us!

We had a nice, quiet Father's Day yesterday and didn't do any shopping so our budget is still at $53.92 for the rest of the month. With some careful planning, we may be able to meet this challenge. That leaves us with just about $5 a day though!

I wanted to mention how to have summer time activities without spending a lot of money. One idea is to invite a mommy friend and her children to a park and have a picnic. The kids love it and the mommies love it as well since they get some adult conversation and are able to wear their children out at the same time.

Or let your children have a picnic in your own yard. The other day the kids were playing outside and asked for bottles of water. The next thing I know they were having their own little picnic in the front yard. It was so cute I had to snap a picture.

I just dropped the two oldest off at Vacation Bible School. It's all this week for three hours a day. The kids get to make crafts, play games, eat snacks, and learn about the Bible and Jesus and it is all free.

Libraries have summer reading programs and these events are free as well. The kids signed up for the summer reading logs and for every two hours that they read (or are read to) they get to pick out a little prize. There are also activities that we were able to sign them up for at the library and the kids are especially excited about the Zoo Show and Tell at the library this coming weekend. Again, free, fun, and educational.

Border's, Half Price Books, and Barnes and Noble all have summer reading programs for children where you can earn free books. What a great way to encourage children to read!

Hiking trails are fun ways to get out into nature. Pack a lunch and it can be an all day adventure with the family. Bike rides, walks around the neighborhood, and visiting your local parks are also fun free activities.

What do you do with your family that is fun and free (or very inexpensive)?


  1. We live in the country, 1/2 from the river and 1/4 mile from public hunting grounds. We love to hike around there. It always amazes me what we bring home; a pretty pebble, a beautiful flower, a sketch of some tracks we seen, etc.

    We like to ride our bikes. There are so many fun bike trails everywhere now days.

    Our favorite thing to do in the spring, fall, and cool summer evenings is to have a mini bonfire. The girls love to save the sticks that fall from the trees. When we have our fires, they love to throw the sticks on one at a time.

  2. We love to take advantage of the "Free Movies" in the summer, meet friends at the park and bring a picnic lunch, get together at friends houses and have them at ours, etc.

    I've been following your blog for about 2 weeks now and have been very interested in your $1200 budget for the month. I love reading it because you are very "real" with what you are buying and the fact that you still throw in the candy, chips, soda and stop at McDonald's for burgers. It makes it practical for those of us that aren't complete health food buyers for our family. Of course I feed my family healthy food but I guess what I'm saying is - you are buying normal things and keeping it real. Does that make any sense? LOL What I do want to know is - what will you do if you don't make the budget seeing that you still have quite a few days left in the month with only $53 left? We live on a strict budget because we have to and don't have any room for over spending because it's just not there. I can't wait to see how the rest of the month turns out for you. I'm cheering you on! :-)

  3. Amy- my husband built a small firepit from bricks that were free by the side of the road. The kids have been loving these little fires at night with daddy! Now we have somewhere to burn all the branches that fall out of our big trees during storms!

    Kim- I forgot the free movies! Our theater does that in August each week so the kids will love that too.
    Yes, I'm trying to keep it real with what we buy. :) I thought it would be too extreme to just cut out all snacks or treats for one month...but those little things really could be the deal breaker for this budget. I'm starting to think that we won't make the budget, but will still come close, which is good.
    In July I am going to have some type of food challenge and I think that with what I learned this month, I am going to attempt the $1,200 budget again in August and see if I do better. We will see!



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