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Monday, January 4, 2016

In With the New...

While I didn't make New Year's Resolutions this year there are areas of my life that I am working on anew. 

*Clearing clutter. This has been my goal for years, as you all know. In a house that is filled with crafty homeschooled kids who love to read it is an ongoing issue. Books, papers, and projects are always around. Tying in with some of my other goals - a deep household purge is in order.

I started the year off right by cleaning out our chest freezer and listing it on a local buy/sell/trade sight. It sold immediately.
That cleared up a big space in the kitchen and is saving us money with less electricity used. We just haven't needed such a large freezer the past couple years so out with something that was no longer beneficial to our family. And a little extra into our savings account.

*Budgeting is in full swing. Every single purchase is being written down this month. Every single dollar spent, as well as every single dollar saved. It will be interesting for me to review it at the end of the month and figure out a wise budget for the year. 

*A more healthful year with eating and exercising. The motivation of being the maid of honor at my sister's upcoming summer wedding will be helpful. :)

It helps to just be more mindful of areas in my life. I'll update off and on with my progress in these areas!


  1. I have spent the past week ripping off wallpaper, painting, readying two rooms for new floors. On top of that I have rearranged, eliminated another trunk load of stuff from our home. I keep purge and it still amazes me how much stuff we have. I do not have a new year resolution per se, but I am working on simplifying my home. I want only things that bring enjoyment to our home and lives. It is hard to let things go, but once it is gone, I am relieved!

  2. Yes - it's the letting go part that is hard for me! I always think "I could use this later" "What if I need it down the road?" and then when I do get rid of it I never think of it again. I need to learn from that!



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