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Saturday, January 23, 2016


It's such a fine line to walk when writing a blog...between stating my opinion and coming across as a know it all. Or between writing about what I do and it coming across as the only way to do something. 

I've slowed on the blogging recently because of two things. One, I'm participating less online. While I've always known, it's become more apparent recently, how vicious the online world can be. With the Presidential race upon us and candidates all over the news  there have been so many more "I'm right, you're wrong" mentality posts on Facebook. I've seen sides of people I truly wish I had never caught a glimpse of. I've backed away from that world. 

Two: I was cleaning up some old posts and comments from this blog (like, years old) and saw some of my own statements that I cringed at. I'm not sure how I came across to you long time readers. I hope not as a know-it-all and more as just sharing my own life. But if I ever did come across as someone with a superiority complex, I apologize. I see that in some of my past posts. I wince at some of my blanket statements from years past. I could say that it's age that has matured me, but I know it's more having been to hell and back. I've changed because my life has changed and my soul (I meant sole but typed soul and will leave it...as that really IS what is at stake here) purpose is to be a better person.

I hope to continue on blogging as a small window into my life for you. If I write about homeschooling, or natural birthing, or being a penny pincher, or anything else that I do or I believe, it will never be to say that you should live that way or believe that way. It's just a peek into someone's life, which is why we all love to read blogs afterall.      



  1. I think most people do see it as a peek. I agree with you on budgeting and natural birth ( home birthed my younger child) but my children attend school, which is the right choice for my family. Doesn't mean I don't find homeschooling interesting though :-) . You have the freedom to express your opinions, you do it in a kind way and that's fair enough, we all have our own views, that's what makes the world interesting. I think there is a big difference between stating our views and imposing them on others.

  2. I have never felt you imposing your views. That said, I have also removed myself for the most part from the internet. I no longer blog. I decided that I really did not want everyone to know my business and that I really do not have the urge to share anymore. I still follow a few blogs just for the recipes. I still like Pinterest, but that is about all I do now.



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