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Sunday, October 4, 2015


My first baby turned 12 today! She is such a beautiful, sweet girl and I just can't believe how quickly these past twelve years have gone.

We enjoyed a nice brunch out as a family. 

She wanted to go hiking afterwards so we walked off all that food on a two mile park trail in the woods.

When we arrived home Becca helped me make her cupcakes (she chose strawberry with vanilla cheesecake frosting). She took a bike ride with her friend and then returned home to help me cook supper - her choice of taco salad.

A friend messaged me as we were about to eat her cupcakes. She casually mentioned that she got another Coke bottle today with the name JACOB on it so decided to make a donation to St. Jude's in his name. She sent me the little confirmation notice of the donation, saying "Not sure why that notice says Happy Birthday!" I then told her maybe it's because it's Becca's birthday and he is wishing her a happy one. She couldn't believe it - she did not know it was Becca's birthday and there was no reason for that little "Happy Birthday" notice to be on the donation note. 

How awesome is that?! Becca beamed when I told her about it. I think she truly knows that her little bro is with her always still. Especially on her birthday.

Happy birthday, sweet Becca, from ALL of us.

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