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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


(A Rosary blessed by  Pope Francis while he was in the US, given to us by a friend who traveled to see him.)


Quoting a speech of St. John Paul II from 1978, the Pope stressed that “error and evil must always be condemned and opposed; but the man who falls or who errs must be understood and loved.

The Church, he said, “must search out these persons, welcome and accompany them, for a Church with closed doors betrays herself and her mission, and, instead of being a bridge, becomes a roadblock.

I love the above quote from Pope Francis, as well as the one from St. John Paul II. THIS is how Christians should act...standing up for their beliefs but not belittling those who fall or err. Because we all do from time to time.

But it also means that one does not need to accept a sin in order to be loving or compassionate. Faith is not politically correct. "Such “apostolic courage,” he said, “is not intimidated by the seductions of the world which tend to put out the light of truth from the hearts of men,” thereby leading them away from God.
I love that even non-Catholics are listening to what he says and that he is drawing more people back to the church with his compassion, without actually changing any of his (the Church's) convictions. He does a great job of explaining the Catholic Church teaching, so that even if one does not believe that themselves, they can understand the beliefs of others.     


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