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Friday, October 2, 2015

Remember the Heroes

 The school shooting yesterday makes my heart ache. For the families. For the injured. For our nation. The violence and mental illness in this country is escalating. 

This article is a great one, reminding us to "Forget the zeroes and remember the heroes." 

I also saw this quote in the comments and had to share it as it is exactly my thoughts.

"Special recognition and praise are due to those young people who did not deny their faith in Christ. When the armed killer demanded Christians identify themselves, several stood up pretty much anticipating their fate, and were killed! 

The Bible tells us no greater love has one than to give his/her life for their fellow man. I am certain that is multiplied many times over when your life is given for Christ. God Bless the families of these young martyrs, and know that they safe now and very happy in the arms of the Lord!"


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