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Friday, August 28, 2015

We Made It!

It's 2:50 on a Friday afternoon and we just finished our first week back to school. I feel a sense of relief as this week was like a roller coaster - lots of ups and downs.

It's an adjustment to go from the freedom of summer to a routine and if one child is up to par one day they often aren't the next. Soon it will even out to smooth sailing but I'm just so happy to mark week one off the calendar! :)

This week was lots of review, and lots of books. Both Amy and Joe studied farms this week (Amy with her little farm activity pack from the library and Joe's science focused on "Spring on the Farm" with seeds and how they grow) so we also toured a dairy farm with a friend who also homeschools. 

They learned that Kangaroos like bread for snacks and that it's best not to get near the daddy Kangaroo.  
They each were able to bottle feed a calf. Amy enjoyed petting "her calf" more than feeding it as it was only 24 hours old and didn't have the hang of the bottle quite yet. 
The kids were able to shake up a bottle of heavy cream to make their own butter. They poured the buttermilk out of the jar, rinsed it with cold water to make it set, added a bit of salt, and snacked on crackers spread with butter (or in Amy's case, ate it straight off the knife).
They were able to see a brand new calf walk on it's shaky legs, try milking a cow by hand (only Joe was brave enough to do so), and see where the milk and cheese and ice cream is processed. As well as choose a small tub of ice cream all of their own. 

Hands on learning is always the best!

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