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Sunday, July 5, 2015


Unafraid by Susie Davis is all about "trusting God in an unsafe world". 

We all fear. Whether it is about our health, our finances, our family, our world around us, there is stuff out there that is fearful. 

On page 8 Davis writes, "I prayed and held on to God as best I could. But I just didn't see the buckets of blessings. I didn't see God working. I got God as the creator of the universe, the sustainer of the world. But I just wasn't so sure he was into the little stuff - like watching after me in my everyday life.

Now I know God always wants my attention. I have found he'll stop at nothing to get it. But it's hard to see God's love and care when fear is staring you in the face. Fear makes you blind...and deaf and dumb."

Fear can paralyze us. It can harm the relationship that we have with God. There is good fear (stay away from that grizzly bear!) and bad fear (worrying about the "what if's" and things we have no control over). This book shows you how to take that bad fear and just hand it over to God. It shows us how to trust.

Page 93: "Sure, when everything is going according to our plans, it's easy. Trusting God is actually fun. It's a "Thank you, God, for making my life so beautiful." But when you're single and waiting for a husband, afraid you'll be alone all your life, it's not so nice. Or when you're unemployed and can't provide for your family because you're waiting for a job, it's not so fun to trust God. When you're cuddling the baby you prayed for, trust is a marvel. But when you're dealing with the heartbreak of years of infertility and you're visiting a friend cuddling her new baby, trusting God hurts. Deeply."

This. THIS. Trusting God sometimes hurts. Trust isn't easy, it's not always a natural reaction. Yet, we must trust. We must follow where He leads and do what He wants. And that often means to defy our fear and let go...to let God. 

Davis showed us how she overcame her lifelong fear and learned how to trust in God with both the big and the small. Following in her footsteps we can learn to do the same.

This book was given to me by blogging for books in exchange for my honest review.    

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