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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Center of Gravity

"Her whole life, Ava Carson has been sure of one thing: she doesn’t measure up to her mother’s expectations. So when Mitchell Carson sweeps into her life with his adorable son, the ready-made family seems like a dream come true. In the blink of an eye, she’s married, has a new baby, and life is grand. Or is it? When her picture-perfect marriage begins unraveling at the seams, Ava convinces herself she can fix it. It's temporary. It’s the stress. It’s Mitchell’s tragic history of loss."

The synopsis on the back cover does not do this book justice. As a matter of fact, Ava's mother and her back story is hardly mentioned in the story. Ava very quickly realizes that her relationship can't be fixed. Basically, reading the back of the book makes me feel as though it's talking about a different book.

This is a thrillingly creepy book. It reminds me a bit of Gone Girl with the twisted mind at work. While the storyline itself is pretty predictable it did keep me reading from the time I started it to the time I finished. Yep, a one sitting read. Thankfully it's a fairly quick book to get through at about 310 pages or else I would have been up all night. 

The book revolves around 5 different character's point of view. Luckily, each character was defined enough that the back and forth between people was not confusing and actually well played out. It was interesting seeing this come to life through everyone's eyes.

If you need a book that grabs your attention this one is it!

This book was given to me by BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.  

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