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Thursday, April 9, 2015

This Week

*It's been rainy and gloomy. You know, April showers bring May flowers and all that jazz. It may be chilly yet tomorrow but I think it's supposed to be dry so I look forward to hanging out some laundry and working in the flower beds and garden. 

I'm wanting to tear out the old, dying shrubs along the west side of our house and plant some type of shady shrub on the west side of the porch...a fragrant shady shrub. Any suggestions? I'm thinking mock orange or something along those lines.

*I've gotten a Facebook page set up for my Etsy shop so feel free to like it if you'd like updates. I'm not doing much with the shop at all right now (though I did just send out two orders in one week after a long lapse of orders) but do plan to list things within the next few months. Little pop ups of new items. :)

*We are catching up on school work by not taking a spring break around here. The kids don't mind (since I didn't mention spring break to begin with!) and we may be able to finish earlier than most schools around here this summer. With that said, we will be continuing with math and reading throughout the summer, as I notice things go more smoothly in those areas without that long break.

*Spring cleaning.  Lots of spring cleaning. I love, love, love this quote and am taking it to heart. This shall be my motto this year. :)


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