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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Go Ahead, Regret It!

One form or another of this saying occasionally pops through my Facebook feed after one of my friends shares it.
The first time or two I saw it I almost agreed with it. Big or small, our life choices bring us to who we are this very moment. 

But then I thought, regrets aren't bad things. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't want to be married to, be friends with, or be someone who never regretted a thing in their life. The verb definition of regret is:

To feel sorry, disappointed, distressed, or remorseful about.

It doesn't mean that one has to live in the past. Or that one has to beat themselves up over something. But it does mean, that as a mature individual, it is possible (as well as healthy) to look back at a situation and wish we had done things differently. Chosen a different path. Not done something in the first place.

Isn't not having regret or empathy one of the signs of a psychopath? 

What is your first thought when reading that quote?


  1. Completely agree! The "no regrets" slogan has always bothered me. It goes along with the YOLO mentality. It takes a humble and realistic person to admit they make mistakes.

  2. Taken in the literal sense, it's a stupid quote. Would we want Charles Manson pinning this one to a Pinterest board? Probably not.

    However, if your choices and the path you take in life, even the stupid mistakes, means you are now a better person and improved yourself, then yes, it works. I can say when I have a regret, I remedy it in whatever way I can. So often, I can honestly say "I have no regrets". However, I had an awful lot of screwups along the path to being able to say that. ;)


  3. IMO there is nothing bad about not having regrets. Not having regrets means you accept that the past is done and can not be changed. You take what you can from the situation and move on. I find it odd you say you wouldn't want any kind of relationship with someone who lives with no regrets. I guess different people have different definitions of what makes someone mature. Also, comparing someone with no regrets to a psychopath? I dont agree with that one bit unless what they aren't regretting is murder,assault, etc.

    1. "lives with no regrets" and "has regrets" are two different things. You can regret something you did without having it define your life. If someone can say "I don't regret a thing I've ever done" I would consider that person either very selfish or a liar.

      Actually, lack of regrets and empathy is a common theme in psychopaths. One of the first symptoms looked for in these cases.



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