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Friday, April 24, 2015

From the Mouths of Babes...

As Amy was reading a Star Wars book today she said her first complete sentence... "I love Boba Fett."
 I then said, "Do you love mama?" 
"BOBA FETT!!!" she screams. 
Point taken. 

Me to Joe: "I hope you didn't get your friend sick when you were at his house."
Joe: "That was a long time ago. It was Back in the future."
On a different day
Joe: "We need to get some of those pink birds, that stand like this (strikes a pose of a flamingo), like they have on Mama's Family!"

Me: "Amy, can you tell me a story?"
Amy: "Story!"

Joe: "Did you already watch this book?"
I have failed as a mother.

Joe: "Do dad's cook food?"
Me: "What do you mean?"
Joe: "Like, if the mom falls down the steps and has to go to the hospital, does the dad cook?"
Me: "Wow, that's pretty specific."

Joe: "Did you have milkmen when you were little?"
Me: "No! I'm not that old"
Joe: "Well, you didn't have color."
Strange, strange boy.

Me: "Two kids were abducted from that place."
Becca: "See, I told you aliens were real!"


  1. oh my goodness! Those are hilarious!!

  2. My house is filled with little jokers, that's for sure!



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