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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunny Days!

With the slightly warmer weather comes more sunshine. With more sunshine come more energy. Which means I have been working on some crafty projects around the house.
Amy had torn her vintage copy of "The Little House". The pictures were too cute just to throw away so I added a nighttime scene and a morning scene to some frames and decorated the wall around her bed.
We got her spring quilt out of storage and made her bed up all cute.
She even pretended like she was going to sleep in the bed at night. Silly girl! Hoping that when the warm weather arrives for good she really will transition to her bed for nighttime sleep. 


  1. how old is your little one? The reason I am asking is that our grand daughter is coming up 16 months old and they have had to drop the crib mattress again, and it can only go down one more notch before they are going to have to think of making it into a bed. I can't remember when we put our two into big beds as that was a while ago.

    1. She will be two on April 1st. Usually when the toddler learns to climb out of the crib is when to switch over to a bed, so that can vary with each toddler. We co-sleep, so as Amy gets bigger our bed gets smaller!



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