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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mary & Me

Last week I was honored to be able to read a rough draft of my mom and her friend's book Mary & Me (not to be released until Sept. 8th but already for pre-order through Amazon!).
It's a book about friendship. A book about women. A book about mothers, wives, and relationships. But especially about a friendship spanning close to 30 years and involving thousands of letters back and forth.

I loved it! 

And it made me want to sit down and write a letter. 
It was only fitting that a few days later I hit the jackpot at a thrift store of vintage stationery. All this for $3.55?! Who can complain about that?

I've had penpals since the age of 10. My longest standing penpal and I have been writing to each other for 20 years. There is just something about a letter that can not compare to a phone call, e-mail, or quick comment on Facebook. It truly is a lasting link through ink.


  1. I only write to one person now by snail mail, the rest is done via the internet etc.

    1. Which do you prefer receiving?

    2. due to the high cost of postage here in Canada I tend to send emails. I have even cut back as much as possible with Christmas Cards. Also remember nearly all our family and friends are in Britain where it costs over $2.50 CDN for a stamp to mail anything to them. I'd rather call someone it's more personal and cheaper!!

    3. Oh, yes, a letter that expensive may have to be saved for a special occasion!



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