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Monday, December 29, 2014

A Homemade Christmas

This Holiday Season was difficult for me, more so than last year even. I just didn't want to do anything.

Which is one reason I decided to make gifts this year, instead of buy them. I worked on homemade gifts all of December and even opened an Etsy shop to sell some items. I had over 14 sales so I was happy. :) Anyhow, I didn't take as many photos of the gifts before giving them so will sneak over to my mom's house and snap some photos and write a whole post of my new venture very soon, including a link to my Etsy shop once I get it organized! (Hint: It's hand stamped and it's jewelry!)

I wasn't the only one that was a busy little elf this December. My sister Rachel made these awesome books...out of bricks!!! This picture doesn't do them justice as they really, really look like actual books! A spine, cover, and back cover (and pages on opposite side of spine!). She made a collection of the Pooh books for me, with my favorite quotes on back, and a huge Star Wars Trilogy book for Ben. So many options with these...outside in a garden, used for a doorstop, a pile on the porch, etc.  
My sister Emily used these small boards that she had gotten from my Grandma's scrap bin after she had passed away to paint a special Bible verse. Double special.
My brother made a lot of special homemade gifts, such as car emblems, drinking glasses, and t-shirts. Another brother gave out gift certificates to our favorite local restaurant. My mom got me the perfect mug with my favorite Bible verse. It was such a special, personalized Christmas. Not because of the gifts, but because of the gift of each person present. The love. The I totally get you and what you like awareness. LOVE.

And as Amy rocked on her new horse and the kids built their new toys, and as I drank coffee on the couch and took it all in I obviously felt the immense empty spot that Jacob leaves.  
But I also felt the stillness. The peace. The presence of God. Jacob is with Him and HE is with us...which comforts me greatly. So as we celebrated Christmas I thanked God for his greatest gift of all - the chance to all be together again someday. 

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  1. Oh Elizabeth, you have created such a warm, faith filled Christmas! Just gorgeous. And Jacob thinks so too. He is, after all, the angel in the room. God's Blessings to you and your whole family.



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