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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Decorating

A glimpse into my Christmas decorations. I don't go all out and usually try to use items that I already have, occasionally picking up something cute at Goodwill.

My first stop was Jacob's Ladder, where we hung a flannel JOY banner that we assembled, bought at 90% off last year at Target. After snapping the photo I realized it was time to take his Halloween toys down. :) 
Next was our tree, which we call our Charlie Brown tree. It's a very sparse artificial tree, which is what you get when you buy one of the cheapest. But I kind of like it better this way. It's cute. We put fuzzy owls throughout the tree this year which gives it a bit more of a woodland feel.   
And it's been knocked down once already by the cat.
Here is a photo where I am just keeping it real. While I'm busy decorating the kids were busy making a mess. Luckily, in black and white it looks more artistic than just plain messy!

This is the first time we put the big tree up since Jacob passed away. We found some ornaments that he made on it, which was very bittersweet. 

I'll post more holiday photos from around the house as I get things out and organized.

I'm following the Come on In series on Christmas Decorating!


  1. Yes, I've learned that black and white pics hide a multitude of sins! :-)
    XO sarita it's my girls' world

  2. I think your tree is beautiful :)



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