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Friday, November 8, 2013

This Week

*I think I may losing my mind. This cold, dreary weather can not be good for people's mental states. How do people in Alaska deal with so much darkness half the year? Does anyone else have SAD in the cold winter months? 
*I'm reevaluating our budget. I looked over my previous budget posts from years back and gulp from all the spending that has been going on recently. A lot can't be helped - bills pour in when you have a sick child and then a funeral to pay for. But I need to get back on track with the grocery budget and our "extras" each month. I remember when I could feed us on $75 a week; lately it has been double that, if not more. How much is your weekly grocery allowance?

*Amy is crawling and getting into everything now. At only 7 months old she is constantly moving and wanting attention. She can entertain us for hours with her shenanigans!

*How did I live without a divided hamper (or is it called a sorting hamper?) for so long? Seeing a pile of whites, or kids clothes, or my husband's work clothing makes me know when they need to be done (no more having my husband get ready for work only to realize there is no clean work pants - oops!). Joe now has the job of rounding up dirty clothes though out the house and organizing them in the hamper. He thinks it's fun and it makes it so easy for me. $10 well spent (yes, I went for the cheapest hamper!).

*Halloween was hard. Can I just skip all the rest of the holidays this year?



  1. Welcome to the asylum Elizabeth!!
    Maybe think of a new tradition for each holiday, something very simple, a small positive change.
    I know they will be hard no matter what, but please try to keep them simple for the sake of the asylum! Ha

    1. It's so nice of you to welcome me with the gift of a snuggly white jacket - it makes me feel calm. ;)

  2. I spend most of the winter having very detailed fantasies about moving south or west. I can't even imagine living somewhere that it's snowy and bleak even longer than Iowa.

    We probably spend $500 a month on groceries and I really want to get that down. I used to do once a month cooking and had a pretty nice stockpile of meals, but I have had a really hard time getting back to that since my daughter was born (almost two years ago now, eek). That should be my goal for the winter so I don't have to go outside to the store as much.

    Maybe you could start a new tradition in honor of Jacob for the holidays. Buy him an ornament each year, or have the kids buy him one. Share memories of his life at Thanksgiving. But if you wanted to skip the first year, I don't think anyone would blame you.

    1. I like the ornament idea! :) If I didn't have other children I would totally skip the holidays this year. I think this year most of the Christmas shopping will be done as a family for charity - a way to show the kids the true meaning of Christmas!

  3. Are we not all a bit crazy? Most people think I am as I love this time of year. Okay, I love about every season, but there is something about this time of year that says it is okay to slow down and cuddle up with a book or sit on the floor in the evenings and color with my girls. It is a time for me to focus on something else besides growing our own food and all that demands. I do not spend less then $150/week on groceries. That is the one area I will not skimp no matter the cost. I do try to lower that yearly by trying to raise more and more of our own. But I am firm that my children, husband, and self are not going to eat processed foods, anything with chemicals, and best quality I can get/afford, etc. I really focus on putting the best food I can in front of my family. That is why we live simply in all the other parts of our lives. Honestly, over 1/4 of our entire budget is for food. But when you are a family of six and you eat over 15 # of butter and 25# of raw cheese a month, it adds up fast.

    I do not think that the first holidays after a loss of a precious loved ones can every really be looked forward too. Maybe trying to focus on what each holiday is really about as you suggested for Christmas is the best path.

    Praying for continued strength!



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