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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Favorite Subscription Box Finds

One of the reasons I love subscription boxes is that I am able to try items that I normally wouldn't buy or haven't even heard of. Below are three new favorites, that we use daily.
Happy Family happy creamies and happy yogis from the Ecocentric Baby Box. These are tiny little snacks that melt in baby's mouth and have pre & probiotics and are quite healthy. Amy loves the happy creamies the best, which are dairy free and made with creamy coconut milk. Honestly, we have all been found to snack on these as they are delicious. I need to find some coupons for these because I think they are kind of expensive in stores.
Moroccanoil hair treatment from the FabFit Fun box (which I no longer subscribe to). This oil is wonderful for my hair and makes it so shiny and healthy. This stuff is close to $40 a bottle, so I won't be buying more after mine is gone but luckily I have half the bottle left so I don't have to be sad yet.
Fortune Cookie Soap Whipped Cream. I didn't get this particular scent (In The Loop - smells exactly like Fruit Loops!) in a subscription box but I was introduced to their body butter in their subscription box. This is thick lotion that absorbs right into the skin without feeling greasy and smells sooooooo great! Every scent I've tried smells good enough to eat.

While I've found many different favorite items in boxes these are the ones I use daily. Maybe I'll do more favorite posts in the future. :)

1 comment:

  1. I would love seeing more favorite posts! I know you have a lot going (understatement of the year) but I love seeing your posts. I will be praying extra for your family during the holidays,



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