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Thursday, November 28, 2013


I had planned to skip Thanksgiving totally this year but somehow the kids talked me into making some special food. The smell of pumpkin pie in the oven is delicious and bittersweet...one of Jacob's favorite desserts. Missing him so much today, and everyday.

Today I am thankful to God for loaning us an angel for 8 years. Those 8 years feel like a dream to me - having such a sweet little boy in our life who changed us forever. I wish I could have just one more minute to hug him, kiss him, and smell his head again but one minute would never be enough. Having a piece of me in Heaven means that I am able to glimpse pieces of Heaven here on earth, for that I am blessed.

I'm thankful for God placing the right people in our lives. Thank you to everyone who stood by us this year to help us, pray for us, and be there for us. We couldn't have gotten through without all of you.

Thank you for continuing the random acts of kindness. We can all make our corner of the world a better place, one act at a time.

What are your Thanksgiving plans this year? Anyone going to brave the crowds this year for shopping?

My thoughts on Black Friday (wouldn't it now be called "Black Thanksgiving?") is much different after working at Wal-Mart last year among the crowds of shoppers is basically sadness. I am all for a good deal but don't think it should invade on family time or turn into such a pig-fest of fighting, pushing, and trampling. 

Our Christmas this year will be much, much different. With that said, I'm not against a little online shopping with some of the good deals I've seen posted, though I have yet to purchase anything. I'm, again, kind of sad about all the e-mails from stores today promoting their sales. Can't it wait until tomorrow, at least?

With that said (rolling my eyes at myself), there is an awesome deal on PopSugar Must Have Boxes. If you've been wanting to try them out use the code GIFT10 for $10 off your first box. Wanting a longer subscription? Use code GIFT25 for $25 off a 3 month subscription, GIFT50 for $50 off a 6 month subscription, or GIFT75 for $75 off a year subscription. December boxes are still available and I'm crossing my fingers for an awesome box so close to the holidays!

I'll post other deals that I may run across but am hoping the majority are waiting until tomorrow.

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  1. I'm very glad you didn't skip Thanksgiving this year. Hugs to you and your family and prayers for a quiet, safe and calm day with family!



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