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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Arm Chair Organizing

One, of the many, difficult things about being at the hospital for so long is wanting to get things done and being unable to do so.

With the start of the school year coming up (tomorrow starts August!) I've had to order our school books from the hospital. I wanted to go through all the curriculum options but with all my catalogs at home and a headache here at the hospital I decided to go with the majority of our books from Rod and Staff as we have been happy with their math. We will still use an assortment of books for science and history but the rest of the curriculum is hopefully on it's way to our mailbox now. In a few weeks we will go shopping for all the school supplies and it won't be long before we are hitting the books once again.

I have plans to make the playroom in our house into Becca's new room with a sewing corner for me. Jacob and Joe (well, Jacob, anyway!) want their room decorated in Star Wars. I see lots of painting, moving around, and organizing in my future. I have some fun paint ideas for Becca's room, thanks to Pinterest.

While we are organizing we will be doing a HUGE decluttering. Moving toys from a large playroom to each child's room will mean much downsizing. Thanks to an upcoming garage sale I think it will help entice the children to let go of some of their things. Mommy is already getting rid of lots. Before leaving for the hospital I filled a corner in the playroom with stuffed boxes for the garage sale. I can't wait to continue to clear out cupboards, drawers, and space in our house. A nice big purge before winter is always needed. I will be updating my progress as it goes.

Before Jacob can arrive home I have to do a through sweep of the house - quite literally. Due to a compressed immune system I will be needing to scrub floors, tubs, toilets, sinks, carpets. I need to wash sheets, carpets, curtains. Dust mini blinds and surface areas. Basically, I have to get the house into tip top shape. I then have to maintain that each and every week until his immune system is back up to par. Fun, fun.

I plan this weeks before I can start any of this...from the chair in the corner of the hospital room.


  1. I hope you have a great group of friends who can come over and help you knock out that cleaning. Deep cleaning is not fun! Can't wait to see photos of your newly designed spaces. My son would vote for star wars too, only Lego Star Wars.

  2. Jacob loves the Star Wars Legos as well! I don't "get" Star Wars - I tried watching the movies with him but got lost the minute they started!

    Maybe I can bribe some people into cleaning with me! ;)

  3. I wish I lived somewhere close to you to help clean! Hang in there!

  4. as long as you will be making some changes, just do one room at a time. that way you can start at one end of the house and move everything closer to the door as you finish one room. Then those things for the garage sale will be in the garage and the other things will be out the door to wherever they will be going.



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