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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Looking Up

Day 33 of this hospital stay. Last week was a disappointment. It was up to me whether we would continue to force Jacob to take his medications and eat, or to put a ng-tube in. Jacob tried so very hard to take his medication and eat but it took hours to do that simple task as his tummy just wasn't up to it. I finally decided that the tube, while uncomfortable for awhile, would help him in the long run. He was a champ while they put it in but ended up throwing it up and needed to do it all over again. He is now used to it and while it isn't fun he is able to get all his medicine and nutrition that way for the time being.

We were told that we could possibly go home on the 6th but the very next day were told that he has a line infection and needs to be on antibiotics for two weeks. That was a tough day, knowing that our stay would be extended greatly. Yesterday they decided that the infection has settled into the line so will be pulling his central line tomorrow and depending on his stats then will either be putting in an IV catheter or just a regular IV in the hand (we hope for the IV catheter as it will be a permanent line in his arm and can be used to draw blood, instead of him needing to be poked every time we show up in clinic). Once he gets the line out, he will need three days of antibiotics and one day of rest but the doctors are optimistic that if everything goes well he can hopefully go home on Monday. Plans always change here in the hospital so I'm not getting my hopes up just yet.

I was able to go home for 48 hours over the weekend to get a much needed break from the hospital, snuggle with my other two kiddos, and celebrate my 30th birthday. My best gift was being able to sleep all night without interruptions...I didn't realize how desperately I needed good sleep but I felt like a different person afterwards. Jacob is feeling better. He hasn't thrown up in over 24 hours (the first that has happened in awhile!) and was up and smiling all day yesterday. I snapped this photo of us together just as proof.


  1. We will keep our fingers crossed for Monday and say a prayer for Jacob.

  2. Hope everything goes well with the line removal!

  3. You guys are on a very tough journey right now! I wish you lots of strength. I hope Jacob's line removal goes well and you are able to go home soon!

  4. I don't remember if I've ever commented here before, but I've been reading for several months. (I think you commented on my blog once?) Anyway, I was surprised they put in a gtube. My daughter had a gtube for four years, and I know lots of kids going through cancer treatments and they don't get a gtube. Then I realized you meant NGtube. A "gtube" goes through the abdominal wall and is permanent. And 'Ngtube" (nasogastric tube) is the one that goes through the nose.

    Like everyone else, I'm hoping you get home on Monday with no further delays that can be so hard on the moral!!!!

  5. Leah - you are right, I left off the n! Thank you, I will correct that now!

  6. Ugh, NG tubes are not comfortable going in, but it sounds like he was a trooper! I hope you guys get to go home soon!

  7. I don't know if I've commented here before but I started reading recently. I wanted to say that my thoughts are with your family. It sucks being in the hospital that long and I'm sure the infections and such add another level of stress and worry. I hope the infection clears up quickly and things start to get smoother. Hang in there!

  8. Great pic Beth!
    Praying for you guys always. I hope that things start looking better for you, and Jacob and the infections clear up. Glad you were able to get some much needed sleep too.
    Happy Late Birthday too! I saw it on the calender the other day and hoped it would be a good one for you! Love coming your way Beth. Hang in there and blessings abound to you and your family!

  9. I hope Jacob feels better soon. Fingers crossed you get to go home soon.



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