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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Update day 18

I thought that I would be updating more, considering all this "free time" that I have. It's difficult to feel the urge to write when every day is much of the same.

Today is day +9 (nine days after the stem cell transplant) and day 18 of being in the hospital. Jacob has continued to sleep away the days, though Friday was a good day where he was awake and even watched television with me. He is now on complete isolation (can't even leave his room) due to testing positive for C-Diff, which is an intestinal infection. The antibiotics seem to be settling the bathroom problems and the tummy aches from that but it will be about 10 days before they take him off isolation.

His rash is still covering his body but the pain from it is gone, the itching is much less today, and even though it looks terrible yet it seems to be getting better little by little. He had hives on his arm today after his shower but they quickly went away with a dose of Benedryl.

He is still getting all of his nutrition from an IV. He did drink some apple juice today and attempted two bites of Frosted Flakes. His appetite seems to be slowly returning as he is starting to show an interest in food, even if he doesn't partake.

He received platelets again this morning. His white count rose from 0.2 to 0.4. That is still non-existent but it is showing an improvement. Any day now the stem cells should engraph! Once they do he should start to feel better and better each day.


  1. Continuing to lift you all up in prayer Daily! Sending lots of love and gentle hugs from Maryland!

    Carol Ann Singleton

  2. Your in our prayers. Hope he starts to feel better soon, and the rash continues to go away.



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