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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Use Me

I had someone ask how they could find an older post of mine. I mentioned the "search" function on the side of my blog and they were happy to hear it was that simple. For those who aren't familiar with my blog options, let me point them out for you. You will find all the info you need on the right hand side ------------->

You'll find the "About Me" section, where you can get my e-mail address if needed.

You will find my blog button.

You will see my twitter feed. Click on it if you would like to follow me. If not, feel free to just stalk it on the side of my page. I don't update often, but occasionally I'll write something of interest on twitter.

My Facebook page is also listed. We are at 99 followers at the moment. I often link when I have a new post up, but occasionally conversations or odd comments are posted on there by me. Join the craziness!

If you are afraid you are going to lose this link, you can become a follower in order to have it in your reader. Or you can become a follower just to see your happy little thumbnail photo on my blog!

The Blog Archive will take you to a certain month or year if you choose.

The Labels section will take you to a certain topic.

Next comes the search button. If you are looking for a particular post, type in the keyword, hit search, and scroll to the top of the blog - it should show the post you are looking for.

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