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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Before and After

I can't believe that it's taken me six years to make curtains for the bathroom! The window in there is small and oddly shaped (our bathroom is tiny and oddly shaped as well. It must mean something that in several of my dreams I open a door to find a second bathroom in our house, which excites me greatly!) so I wasn't able to find already made curtains that interested me at local stores.

For six years we've kept the blinds up that came with the house. They get dusty, dirty, gunked up by hairspray, and even moldy in the summertime. It was well past time for them to go.

Our bathroom is a neutral brown color. I wanted to add a pop of color and loved this fabric when I saw it. The picture just doesn't do the colors justice.

It freshens up the room and I know I will be able to find some accessories within those colors to mix into the bathroom. My shower curtain is plain white with brown stitching and on the back of the toilet we have a happy little plant. It's a very simple style, which is perfect for such a small space.


  1. we must be on a similar wavelength. i should have taken pictures of my bathroom window dressing before and afters! i had bellydance garb hung on the curtain rod for over two years. over the weekend i put up a valance and made a simple really cute curtain with lace trim. It only cost me 2$ for the valance, as i had everything else at home in my stash! yeah for sprucing up the bathroom!

  2. I love that fabric! I'm in the same boat, and have a valance that I hate on our oddly shaped bathroom window. Maybe this will inspire me to just make one! - Marian

  3. Jenni- You should still post pictures of your finished curtain...would love to see it! Not sure if it's early Spring cleaning and sprucing up or what, but I've been on a crafty roll lately!

    Marian- I actually found this fabric at Walmart. I searched the whole fabric department and started to walk away, disappointed, when I saw this lovely fabric peeking out at me under bundles of other fabric. It was $7.89 a yard, which was one of their more expensive fabrics, but 1 yard was exactly enough (I didn't trim a single piece off!) for the curtains. And, I'll admit, I cheated and didn't even sew them...I bought the tape which you iron and bond in order to hem up fabric. The whole project was under 20 minutes!



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