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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The More of Less

I've been reading a lot of minimalist as well as organizing books recently so I tried not to compare  The More of Less by Joshua Becker but it's only natural to note the pros and cons of each book in my mind.

The second half of this book didn't do a whole lot for me as it discussed the purging part of the process, but not nearly in as much detail as the KonMari method. Having already read the latter book before reading this one I didn't take away anything new, though someone else may.

The first half of the book was fascinating to me. As a Pastor Becker does sometimes write from a spiritual standpoint (which I enjoyed) but I don't think his way would be off putting to anyone. He writes about the excess in America and how we could live with so much less and find our passions and purposes under all that stuff. He clearly points out that his viewpoint of minimalism is not about paring down your possessions to the bare minimum but rather to only own what you love.  That journey will be different for everyone - one person may find joy and happiness in their hundreds of books while another may only own a Kindle. 

He goes on to point out that at some point we often go from owning something to it owning us. For example, is buying a 5,000sqf house important if you have to spend all your time at work to pay for it? This book includes real stories of real people who decided to give up some (or almost all!) of their stuff in order to have what they truly want - the freedom to travel from country to country, donating proceeds to charity, saving money or getting out of debt, or even just having less stress. Yes, stuff is stressful. 

This book goes deep. It's not just about "having a clean house, but rather a full life".

This book was given to me by Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review. 

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