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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Out With It!

Our garage sale was a smashing success last week. I really think that by having it as early as possible in the spring everyone is ready to shop; whereas if we wait until after the city wide sales people have much of what they need and don't grab like they do. 

Because our garage is tiny and not so nice we have to set up in the yard. The weather prior to our sale was chilly, rainy, and windy so I was worried until about three days beforehand when the forecast continued to show gorgeous weather for Thursday and Friday. We were not disappointed - both days dawned clear and warm and the crowds came out. As a matter of fact, within 10 minutes of the signs going up we had a steady stream of shoppers and I think that there was only about a three minute period on Thursday when there wasn't someone browsing. Friday was a bit slower but still steady. 

Siblings helped both days ( this was a total of five families contributing) and the kids were great and big helpers. Our sale made over $900 total and I personally made the most I have made at a sale yet: $325. 

I got rid of A LOT and at the end donated a car full to the charity shop, sent a large box to Swap.com, and gave some away to friends. I had a teeny tiny pile left to take back inside (about 6 things I decided to keep) so I really did stick to getting rid of it all.

It was great spending time with the family, seeing the kids work ethic (Becca and Joe each made over $25 each and had no qualms putting half their profit in the bank), and talking with "my kind of people" (garage sale shoppers!). But it was also a lot of work...weeks of organizing and pricing beforehand, setting up and taking down each day, getting sun burnt, etc.  And yet I'm sure this time next year I'll have forgotten all about that and be setting up another one! 

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