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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Snow? Yes, Please!

This is the weather prediction for Friday evening.
Yes, we are in that possible 10" band. The first snow fall of the season tends to freak a lot of people out, which is strange because we live in Iowa. We should be used to snow, people

While I will be making a run to the grocery store tomorrow, it won't be to stock up on milk and bread, but rather to do my regular grocery shopping. Which will probably be a bad thing, amiss the people who are stocking up on bread and milk (and usually toilet paper) but also the two day sale that starts tomorrow as well. Opps, bad timing.

I'll admit that I'm kind of hoping that we do get this amount of snow. Not for my hubby, who will have to move snow at work (and probably at home - I think it's time to give that job to the kids though!). But for a fun snowed in Friday night. Christmas movies with my family, popcorn and eggnog, cracker and cheese platter, fresh fruit. 

Snuggling under quilts.

The first snowfall.

Candles illuminating our space.

It truly is the little things.


  1. I'm in the middle of the state, and I think we've been bumped up to the 5-10" range. I'm bummed that our state football game was moved, but I am looking forward to a forced night in. I have lots of groceries and Netflix so I'm good. :)

    1. The forced nights in are sometimes the best! Stay warm! :)



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