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Monday, November 2, 2015

Hello, November

We had the perfect start to November. A beautiful, warm, sunny Sunday. 

We took advantage of the glorious day to hike through the woods.
This may be my new favorite photo. A girl and her dog. The warm light leading the way like a stairway to Heaven.

With the month of Thanksgiving upon us a ritual of many is to list one thing that they are thankful for each day on Facebook. While I won't be doing this publicly, I am making it a habit to sit down each evening with the family to see what each of us is thankful for. It will be written down in a journal and hopefully referenced many times in the future. 

Every single day there is something to be thankful for. Today it may be the lovely hike with my sweet little family. Tomorrow it may be a hot cup of coffee on a Monday morning. I hope by keeping the thankfulness present each day in our minds that my kids (and even hubby and I!) will look at things around us very differently...always with a thankful heart. 

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