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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

This Week

*I'm having to remind myself of what day it is. This week is going so quickly but I'm getting nothing done!

*I started reading our book club pick Catcher in the Rye. I like how this book club (at our library) makes you read all types of books!

*I jinxed myself by saying that the kids haven't been sick all winter except for a slight cold once. Two of the kiddos awoke this morning with a runny nose and a bad attitude.

*I was about to throw this cute little blue bow away that was part of the packaging of a candle. I thought it too pretty so decided to attach a small amount of elastic on the back (which I had taken out of a pair of pj pants that were destined for the garbage last year and placed in my scrap pile). 
Now that is upcycling! #recyclingatitsbest!

*Amy is obsessed with watching Full House and screams "baby!" all day because she wants to watch it. As I watch it now as an adult I realize how it portrayed the kids as little snots who always get their way (don't want uncle Joey and uncle Jessie to work outside of the home?! Then they won't!) and that there is so much making out and dating on that show. Wow. Guess it went over my head as a kid but it just seems so odd for a "family show".

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