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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Little Lace Box February Box

Remember the Little Lace Box that I loved in January? I was so excited to receive the February box.

*Sigh* I had high hopes for this box, especially with the theme of "the lovers, the dreamers, and me". All their past boxes have been fantastic; this one? Not so much.

Yet, I think they know it. The information letter stated that the dockworkers' strike in California kept the wonderful artisans and designers from finishing their products. This box turned out to not be an exact match for what they originally had in mind for the February theme. Judging from this mismatched box, which is so unusual from their spot-on themes, I'd agree.
It didn't scream rainbows, lovers, dreamers or ME at first glance.
*Stud Earrings by Whitley Designs (retail $54.99) If I wore earrings I would be thrilled with these. They are dainty and cute and just like something I would wear. But I haven't worn earrings in over 15 years and the holes have closed. Besides re-gifting these, they are useless to me. Seeing as how they were the priciest item in the box, I am not happy. There are variations, such as bracelets being sent. I feel earrings are not a one size fits all item, I would have loved the bracelet.

*Pink Arrow Stationary by P. Press Papers ($12.99) Very simple note cards, but cute. I look forward to using them. LLB founders believe that writing letters to those you love should be a habit for life. 
*Bonus item was Hulu Bliss Goat Milk Lotion by Dancin' Goat Skin Care. It's been a long winter and time to get our skin ready for spring. Love this scent, wish the item was bigger.

*Tub Truffles by CeeCee&Bee ($18.99) These look just like fancy chocolates and smell divine. I can wait to soak in a tub scented with lavender! 

*Original Goat Milk Hot Fudge by Beekman 1802 ($12.99)  Some boxes held the orange flavor, mine is plain fudge which I think I will like better. I haven't tried it yet but hear it is worth eating straight from the jar. :)

Had I received the bracelet instead or if I wore earrings I would be satisfied with this box, though it doesn't have the wow factor that past boxes have had. 

I'm giving them a chance to redeem themselves and was thrilled to see the theme for March is "Here Comes the Sun". You can read the end of my blog post here to see why I can't not get this box! They say "in March, you can expect special items for the mind, body, & soul...and we're sure that, even if it's cloudy when your box arrives, the lovelies inside will be just the thing to brighten your day!"

Due to their recent growth, and item issues this month, Little Lace Box has decided not to open new subscription sales for the month of March. With that said, once they do open up for April subscription sales you can use the code LLB10 for $10 off your first box. I'm hoping that they knock the March box out of the water! 


  1. Excited to get mine! Do you mind if I put a little recap of my box here in the comments when it arrives? I am curious to see how similar or different ours are. :)--Dee

    1. Go right ahead! I love to hear what people got and how they like it!

    2. So my box arrived today--finally! I ended up receiving the exact same items as you did, except that my earrings were a different style (silver heart studs). I really loved the box, even though it was not the exact theme that I had been expecting (this time the "theme" seemed to be products using goats milk! :) ), but I appreciated the gracious letter enclosed where the Little Lace Box ladies explained the delay in shipments and why the box did not exactly live up to anyone's expectations. Even though it was rather mismatched, everything was of exceptionally high quality and definitely things I can use (and wouldn't otherwise have been able to try!). I noticed that everything was so nicely packaged and the attention to detail was really amazing. As this was my first box, I can only go on other reviews that I have read, and apparently this was a little bit of an "off" month for LLB. In that case, I can only imagine how great next month's box will be when it is an "on" month for them! :) I am so hopeful that they are able to work out the little quirks and that things go as they have planned. It is obvious that quality is very important to LLB, as they are not even taking new subscriptions until April . That says a lot! The March theme has me excited and I can't wait to receive it! Looking forward to your review on that one. :)--Dee

  2. interesting I have never heard of this. I should look into it and see if we can get it in Canada.



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