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Sunday, October 7, 2012


I'm enjoying the bright sunshine today, much like our three legged cat above is doing as she sunbathes on our living room floor in front of the window.

We turned our heat on this weekend. I hate, hate, hate to turn it on before November, and often have a contest with my mom and brother to see who can hold off the longest on turning it on but with temperatures a good 20 degrees below average it just couldn't wait when the high was 57 degrees in the house. Brrrr.

I'm stuck inside with a cold, having lost my voice, and drinking pot fulls of tea this weekend hoping to soothe my stinging throat. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I feel better and that this virus does not befall another family member as we head out for our mini trip soon.

I had a quick burst of energy on Friday and managed to get several things on my to-do list crossed off. Which may be why I am stuck in bed this weekend with my nasty cold. You will all be so proud of me that I am *this close* to being finished with sorting the children's clothing and getting rid of boxes and bags full of stuff that they just don't need. I ran across this thread which basically says what all of you told me: 7 to 10 days worth of outfits for each child is plenty. That is my goal! Our hampers are already less full and it's much easier to put clothing away with organized and not-so-packed drawers as before. I can't wait until this project is finished!

I'm kind of wishing we had space for a family closet, like the Duggar's Family Closet (especially since soon I will be dealing with 6 people's wardrobes) but in this tiny house, with minimum closet space in the first place, it's impossible. Pairing back the amount of what we have shall be helpful. I'll continue to keep you updated on the progress...it's about 80% completed!

I'm excited about several homemade health and beauty products that I am about to attempt. I'll post the recipes/how-to if they become a new favorite of mine.

Edited to add: I have to laugh and share - the moment I hit "Post" the John Denver song "Sunshine" started to play on the radio! Guess I titled this post appropriately! :)


  1. Sorry about the cold; I'm fighting one of my own right now, as is my daughter.

    I love the idea of a family closet! We've been doing a lot of dressing out of laundry baskets lately--the clothes are separated into individual baskets and folded, but sometimes that's about it. I kind of hate it, but it works. I want to put a laundry basket dresser and hanging rack in our laundry room; I worked on it this weekend but didn't get as far as I would have liked, but there's always tomorrow (and the day after that, and the day after that).

  2. We had to turn on our heat too. It's been getting really cold in the mornings--but by the afternoon, it's hot again.



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