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Friday, October 26, 2012

Clutter Control Update

I go to my midwife appointment on Monday (I'm almost half way through this pregnancy!), which means that I am working on getting another garbage bag full to drop of at Goodwill.

For those who are new, I made myself a goal of dropping off at least one bag of items each time I have a pre-natal appointment; a way to clear clutter from the house.

That's not all I've done in the past month though. Just since my last appointment (a month ago) I have dropped off two bags at the charity in own, one grocery sized bag for the "clothes closet" at the church down the street (these clothes will be free for anyone who needs them), and I'd say about two boxes worth of items to my aunt's consignment shop.

Progress is being made with the children's clothing and I am about 90% finished with paring down their wardrobe. I think all that needs to be done yet is one final sweep through their closet and drawers to weed out anything that they won't wear/don't need. It's becoming so much easier to put clothes away now without jam packed dressers.

My next goal is to implement some of those suggestions you left for me regarding toy messes. I hope to have the plan all laid out this weekend for the kids!

After just getting over a nasty two week cold I have come down with a completely different one today. My immune system always seems to be shot when I am pregnant, so I am loading up with natural (and safe for pregnant women) supplements to boost my immunity.

How is your clutter control going?


  1. That's an awesome goal!! I'm working on a BIG decluttering for a charity pick up next month! :) Hope you stay healthy throughout your pregnancy!

  2. Clutter control? What's that? :)

    Actually, I'm trying to keep a policy going that if something comes into the house, something goes out. It works good with the clothing and home decorating, but not so hot with shoes, purses, and jewelry. Though I have alot of shoes, I do at least tend to wear them until they are completely worn out. So if a pair of shoes ever leaves the house, it's into a garbage bin.

    Since you know where I work, you can imagine that keeping clutter under control can be difficult, but my policy seems to work pretty good, especially for being in a house with not very much storage space (we don't have attic access and our basement is only a storm cellar). My one weakness right now seems to be the Christmas decorating we have at the store. Because my bins of Christmas are in the garage loft and in the very back of a closet, the getting rid of is not balancing what's coming in at the moment. Might make for a good weekend project to get those bins out and see what I have.

    Hope you can get over the various bugs...there's alot going around right now. Considering I'm dealing with the public every day, I'm feeling very lucky that I've avoided all of the germs!


  3. Such great goals! I've been trying to take a couple bags each week and I've been working through our cabinets one by one. There's so much we don't need that we can share.



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