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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happiness in a Jar

We've spent almost a month at home - this is the longest stretch home so far since Jacob restarted treatments back in March. His platelets were not high enough to start chemotherapy last week so we will go in this Friday for a five day stay. He's feeling good and has his energy back.

I was happy for another week at home. A week to organize the house. A week to play in the sun. A week to watch Becca and Joe at their swimming lessons. A week to read books, meet a friend at the park for a play date, hang laundry on the line (it's been over a month since I've had to use our dryer - no rain here is at least good for one thing!), and enjoy walks/bike rides with the family.

All these activities makes us thirsty. I'm not a huge water fan and have to try tricks to get myself to drink it. With warm weather comes the perfect setting to make sun tea - something that we all like to drink. It's a perfect way to cut back on soda (something that we are trying to do - we weren't big soda drinkers in the first place - maybe two sodas a week but even that is two too many!) and stay hydrated in the summer.

I just fill the jar with water and place about four Lipton tea bags inside (I usually add a couple green tea bags or herbal tea bags such as red raspberry leaf as well) and set it outside on the porch table (which is also our outdoor craft table - hence the paint stains!).

Let it seep a few hours to all day, depending on the strength which you prefer. Bring the jar inside, dispose of tea bags (ours go into the compost bin!) and chill in the refrigerator. We don't drink ours sweetened but you could add a bit of sugar, honey, or agave nectar to sweeten it if you desire.

It's a very inexpensive, healthy drink for the summer. We go through a jar of tea a day.

Sun tea makes me happy.
Especially when I go to pick it up and notice a reflection of my daisy in it. Who says you can't bottle happiness?


  1. I love making sun tea and it is so much better for everyone then soda. Just think of the money your saving, the better for your health and also there is not all those containers... Enjoy!

  2. I loved making sun tea as a child. I'll have to keep an eye out for a tea jar while I'm out thrifting this weekend!

  3. it brews even faster if you place the jar on the hood of a dark car. We tried this when we were out camping.



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