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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Pathology has been confirmed and a treatment plan has been worked out. Jacob will be admitted to the hospital on Monday, the 19th, to start treatment (again). We will be there for five days and besides the chemotherapy he will be having a hearing test and baseline scans done. About two weeks later, once his counts just begin to rise after dropping from the chemo we will be going back to the hospital for a day or two (or possibly three or four...depending on how long it takes them to get enough stem cells) to harvest his stem cells and freeze for transplant later this summer.

For now, Jacob (and all the rest of us!) are soaking up this sun and enjoying the lovely weather. His wounds from the surgery are all but healed and we are getting into the groove of flushing his port each evening. Tomorrow is our first solo dressing change, which I'm a bit nervous about, but soon enough it will be just another thing to do each week. Along with G-CSF shots, medication, blood draws, etc. It's all part of this game called cancer, a game which we would rather not partake in, but one which we intend to win.

I will continue to update on this blog. On down time, I may even write a post or two not related to cancer (this time around I intend to make cancer work around our life, not base our life around cancer).

If you are on Facebook, you can also "like" Jacob's page to get more frequent updates on all the little things as well.


  1. We are keeping Jacob in our thoughts during this difficult and trying time.

  2. I see Jacob surrounded by the healing light that I know to be his. I stand next to you and wished I could be there to do whatever you need.



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