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Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Prayers, Please

My dad was rushed by ambulance to the nearest large city hospital where it was found that he has had a heart attack. He had surgery to have two stents put in place. He will be in ICU for a few days and should be discharged on Monday, if all goes well (the same day that Jacob starts his second round of chemo).

My dad is doing well and in stable condition. More testing will come later to assess the damage. I can't wait to visit him and give him a huge hug.

While one could curse God or wonder why all these things are happening (and all at once!) I instead thank God that I have my little boy by my side and that my dad is alive and recovering tonight.

I ask for prayers tonight for a speedy and complete recovery for my dad, a good start to Jacob's treatment on Monday, and comfort and peace for our whole family.


  1. So sorry to hear this! My dad had a heart attack last May and it was SO scary... Will be praying that minimal damage was done to his heart and that he makes a full recovery. My dad has never been healthier than since his heart attack - lost weight, exercises regularly now, etc.

    And will continue praying for Jacob, too!

  2. Our prayers here in MN are for your family! Yout strength and faith are so inspiring to me. Praying for a speedy recovery for dad and a very successful treatment for your adorable son!

  3. You and yours are never out of my prayers, heart and thoughts - You give me strength to place one foot in front of another. I send love, light and healing always your way.



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