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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Riley Mae and the Ready Eddy Rapids

I chose this book for my 10 year old daughter to read. With her stuck on books like The Babysitter Club I thought it would be good to introduce some Christian fiction into her life. Riley Mae and the Ready Eddy Rapids by Jill Osborne seemed like a good one to start with.

She says that she really liked this book. She loved the adventure aspect of the story and the fact that the whole book didn't revolve around "typical" pre-teen story lines like boys and make-up. There was adventure, drama, Faith, and even real life like cancer and hospital stays introduced. These are things which may seem deep for the age group but since my daughter has actually lived a life with this drama involved I found it to be quite relevant and good for pre-teens to read about real struggles in life.

She is looking forward to the other books in the series and I'm glad to have found an author that can write interesting, as well as moral, pre-teen books.

Disclaimer: This book was given to us by BookLook Bloggers in exchange for our honest opinion.

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