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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Last Week

*We've been loving the fresh garden produce. It's been late for a harvest but we've been eating yummy fresh foods from our backyard this month!

*Our van broke down, 45 miles away. It has yet to be looked at by the mechanic but we are hoping to find out that it's a simple fix (ha, ha!)

*I have been exhausted. Instead of getting a surge of energy like I usually do around this time I've felt sicker and more tired. Hmmm. I've also been grouchy, like total PMS grouchy, for weeks. Not fun.

*Our desktop computer broke. Along with our printer a few days later. Both happening within a week of each other are nothing more than a coincidence but they both are a bother. Bad things happen in threes, right? Add our van to the mix and I hope that is the end of our bad luck for quite some time.

*It's been feeling more like fall. Which means I spent ALL day yesterday going through totes and pulling out our fall wardrobes. Which also means I've been doing laundry for two days straight and still haven't finished it. I need to pair down the kids clothing, which I swear I'm doing - a bag goes to Goodwill, a bag is being sent to ThredUp, and a box is being started for the consignment shop. I'm beginning to wish that we lived somewhere with less seasons and didn't have to have 4 completely different wardrobes.

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry you had such a difficult time. I don't know what it is but lots of things breaking really gets to me. Add a sick / pregnant mommy in and sometimes I imagine it seems too much. And I hear you on too many clothes. I seriously pared down my kids wardrobes and am kinda concerned that I did too much. we'll see. I am glad to see you back blogging "normal". I missed you!



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