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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Brain Splat

I've managed to get rid of two large boxes of kid's clothing. This is a huge step for me, as I can easily weed out clothing that no longer fits the children but when it comes to weeding through things that can still fit but make the dresser drawers overflowing is a huge step for me. It was freeing! Thank you all for the tips!

The sad thing is that I got rid of two large boxes of clothing but still need to go through everything once again to cut down even further. The dresser drawers may shut now but they are completely stuffed. I think I can do better than that and get it all to a reasonable amount!

  I also dropped a large bag off for Goodwill filled with household items and have another one ready to go when I go to my midwife appointment next week.

Speaking of my midwife appointment, I'll be getting my first look at this little guy (or girl!) next week. It's amazing to hear the heartbeat, but I look forward to seeing him (or her!). I have no preference for a boy or girl this time around, I would be equally happy with either one. The kids all want a little sister and Ben is leaning towards wanting another boy. The ultra-sound next week will be too early to tell the gender, so we will need to wait awhile yet for that. My morning sickness seems to be gone (for the most part) but I still feel as though I could sleep for 18 hours each day. Even with an afternoon nap the bed is still calling to me now.

Jacob's kitty is doing well, Becca's birthday is next week, Jacob has his first post-transplant CT scan next week, Becca joined Girl Scouts, the two oldest are loving their religion class each week, and the weather has been sunny and warmer the past couple days so we have been spending lots of time outside. 


  1. I'm the same way with my clothes... They multiply overnight I think! ;) I must have missed that you were expecting again., congratulations!!! :) Now you're joining my club! Momma of 4! lol!

  2. Do you use just a midwife or do you have a doctor too? Having baby in a hospital or at home? Just curious because this midwife thing wasn't around when I had my kids (or I never heard of it) and I really don't understand it.

  3. I use a midwife who works in an OB/GYN office. She only delivers at the hospital. Besides seeing a doctor twice during my pregnancy I don't have to deal with one, only my midwife, which is nice!

    Basically she is skilled in pregnancy and birth but takes a much more natural approach to the whole thing. The hospital has birthing tubs and she delivered both my boys in the water. It much more relaxing then the doctor birth I had with Becca.

  4. Carla- is it just me or does 4 children sound like SO much more than 3?!

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