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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Showers...

...bring May flowers.You would be amazed at how different the view from your kitchen window looks in just 30 days. Being in the hospital for so long makes you appreciate the little things - the smell of rain or food cooking, the lush landscape from a car window, digging in the dirt.

When we arrived home on Saturday it was chilly and rainy. It continued like that until today, when the sun broke free of the clouds and the air became heavy with humidity. We spent most of the day outside working in the dirt. Eating fresh radishes (the earliest that we have ever harvested them!), planting shade loving wildflower seeds behind the garage, planting seeds in pots for the front porch. Our fingernails are dirty and our hair smells like sunshine.

My peonies are blooming and we found the little white flowers pictured above by the wooden fence out back. I've never seen them before and am wondering what they are (do you know?). They came from stems that I thought were wild onions growing earlier this spring. Joe and I picked some and placed them in the kitchen windowsill, in a strange little glass globe that we found outside a few years ago. That, too, I am unsure of what it is ~ our dog likes to dig holes between the garage and shed and we are constantly finding hidden treasures unearthed ~ an old fingernail polish bottle, an arm from an old china doll, bits of glass, and the little glass bottle I made into a miniature vase. I'm assuming it was once a dump for a family's garbage, as was often the case a hundred years ago.

All I know is that it is good to be home! Jacob is feeling great, loving being home, and is eating like a little pig. We had to cut his Megace prescription (an appetite stimulant) because he was literally wanting to eat a full meal every half hour! He is enjoying the outdoors, being with his brother and sister again, sleeping in his own bed, grilled steaks, and the freedom from the hospital!


  1. So, so glad that he and you all are doing well. Blessings!

  2. We found a bunch of those same flowers growing all over the park by our house, especially in the shady spots next to the woods! I have no idea what they are but they sure are pretty, aren't they? We picked a bunch to have in the house as well.

  3. glad to hear jacob is feeling a little better. praying it continues. home always makes a body feel good too!



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