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Monday, March 6, 2017


June by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore is about "Twenty-five-year-old Cassie Danvers who is holed up in her family’s crumbling mansion in rural St. Jude, Ohio, mourning the loss of the woman who raised her—her grandmother, June. But a knock on the door forces her out of isolation. Cassie has been named the sole heir to legendary matinee idol Jack Montgomery's vast fortune. How did Jack Montgomery know her name? Could he have crossed paths with her grandmother all those years ago? What other shocking secrets could June’s once-stately mansion hold?"

It was a fascinating read for me. It didn't go quickly (I started it over a week ago) but it drew me in every single time I picked it up. I typically hate books that go back and forth between time periods but this one flowed seamlessly back to the 50's (to highlight Cassie's grandmother June's early adult years) and then back to 2015 to Cassie's current situation. 

I liked how the house seemed to be "alive" and remembering all it's past inhabitants. Sometimes I feel like houses can be be alive with their rich history and I often wonder what happened in the rooms of older houses...births, deaths, happy times, sad times, etc.

I do feel like the first 2/3 may have dragged on too long (each time period only covered the month of June of that year) and then all the loose ends were tied up so quickly at the end, which left the last few chapters feeling just a bit rushed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story though and think it would make an interesting movie!

This book was given to me by Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.

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