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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Scent Booster

There is a reason that products such as laundry scent boosters exist. I admit that I love the scent of dryer sheets, Downy, and all those other yummy smelling products. When I get a strong whiff of fabric softener on someone's clothes I enjoy it just as much as an expensive perfume. I try not to use these types of products as I know that they are artificial scents and not healthy to be soaking our clothing in. 

In the summer it's easy enough for me to avoid these as the scent of fresh sunshine on my clothing from hanging it on the clothesline is the best smell ever. In the winter it's a little more difficult. Our laundry can smell a bit blah with no scent at all.

Which is why I am having so much fun with essential oils! Adding scent, which is natural, is a fun way to liven up the senses. I read about using this Insect Shield from Plant Therapy

as a scent booster in the laundry. While the ingredients in it are great for mixing up your own bug spray (which I plan to do this summer!) they are also similar to Young Living Oil Purification blend which is amazing for freshening up the air, carpets, clothing, etc. It smells like Nels Fatha soap to me. Adding just a couple drops to a washer load of clothing (along with your usual detergent) leaves everything with a delectable scent.  

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