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Friday, August 30, 2013

Coupon Crazy by Mary Potter Kenyon

With getting back into blogging starting with reviews it is only fair that the first review be of my mom's book, Coupon Crazy, which was released on August 1st by Familius Publisher.

I read it immediately upon receiving it (lucky me, I received a review copy extra early!). You know I loved it, but even if I wasn't her daughter I still would have been fascinated by the history of coupons, the in depth research on the average coupon user, etc. Instead of raving on and on about the book (which I totally would!) as her daughter I'm linking to a review on Coupons in the News.

It is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Also available at your local Barnes & Noble or can be ordered from your independent local bookstore. Also available for the NOOK.

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